Lapel Pins & Custom Medals

Whatever the occasion, Lapel pins are an easy and economical branding tool. These little billboards maintain the advertising and recognition value even when no longer worn by the recipient. They will never be forgotten. They may be put away in a drawer but will not be thrown out because of the perceived value. These little gems are not expensive but they portray a value which could make your pin a collectors item.

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Your pin could be passed around and finally end up on a collector board and still send out the message that you cared enough to have it made in the first place.

There are many reasons for promotional products: Custom Lapel Pins Die Struck

  • Advertising
  • New Product Launch
  • Identifiable Branding
  • Trade Show Attention Getter
  • Special event give-away
  • Sales gift items
  • Create new business opportunitiesCustom Die Struck Medals
  • Rewards Recognition of Your Team
  • Morale booster
Featured Product: Lapel Pins Supplied in a variety of finishes depending on the detail and requirements of the customer.No Surprise Pricing, Free Design, Free Mold, Free Sample, Free Shipping. All this and delivery in 7 days.Custom Lapel Pins Soft Enamel